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Writing systems are based on our capacity to recognize shapes and giving them an abstract conventional meaning. In other words, shapes represent concepts, words or sounds. Color also has its use in communication. The colors of the traffic light, the colors used in interior decorating to convey a feeling or the color of the clothing you wear on special occasions and the quiet white of a fresh snow, or the rainbow all convey messages. Colors naturally have a meaning to us, often a subconscious meaning which crosses cultures and traditions as if it were part of the fabric of our instinctive cognitive skills.

From the realization of the above thoughts I started tinkering with my silly "secret code game" and came to realize how much fun the grandchildren were having. Thus, the Color Chat write and draw software program was born.

Color Chat is an alphabet in which sounds are represented by color rather than shape. Color Chat is a visual system in which coloring is communicating both verbally and artistically and is an exciting way to encode messages, e-mails & T-shirts.

Our software is developed and supported in the USA.